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Dean and Amanda Zang
"We interviewed numerous Design/Build and Architectural firms prior to selecting DW Ricks Architects. David and Steven conceptualized so many out of the box ideas for our home. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the trade is second to none. It's a rare trait today to find someone who cares about your project as if it was their own and delivers on every promise they made from our initial meeting."
Johnny and Sara Gorman
"Our new home is everything we hoped it would be... Our experience with you both was such a pleasant and enjoyable one. If there weren't rental homes, storage pods, and those little things called invoices - we'd do it all again tomorrow!"
Michele Vernon
"When you walk down the street the house fits right in, the porch toes the line, the roof is certainly not the highest but there is definitely something special about it. I enjoy it more every day we live there. Looking at pictures of our old house reminded me that it was/is a very nice house but it was not OUR house. We love living in our beautiful house."
Kathleen Vitale
"The house is... totally gorgeous in its transformation...It's just amazing - especially the refinished floors. Of course, everyone was quick to tell us their renovation horror stories. Wehad no such experience. Rich and his crew have been fun to work with and Steven has been just fantastic! Best wishes for a happy holiday season - you all have made ours."
Lara Doyle
"A long-time resident of the neighborhood, who I really don't know but always see out walking his dog, came across the street to tell me how much he liked our addition. During the conversation he mentioned that ours was 'architecturally the most interesting addition in Arlington Forest' and thanked us as he felt our addition was a 'gift to the neighborhood'...We are so grateful to both you and Steven for all the thought, creativity and attention to detail that you have contributed to our home and to the design and construction process. We are loving living in the house and truely enjoying all of the new space. We get compliments daily!"
Megan Mabry
"We decided to pull out the plans the former owners of our current home in Arlington left for us...It turns out David was the architect. We had no idea when we bought the house. We just knew we loved it and that it had everything we wanted to do to our house in Alexandria if we had done the renovation [with David]. What a small world. No wonder we liked the house so was David's work...We love the house and all the details he put into it. I think the addition is about 8 or so years old...and still loooks great. David is so talented."
John Sullivan
"We are more than pleased with the results of the design. Looking back at our originally stated goals, it is remarkable how well those were met in the project. We, too, have been receiving many compliments from our neighbors From our perspective, the house is far more functional and pleasant place to live. That it accomplishes that within basically the same old foot print, with consisteent character and cohesiveness both inside and out is a real achievement."
Kent & Peggy Hamaker
"Thank you again for the fine work you did on our house. We had a large gathering of folks at the house a couple of weeks ago and we received praises all around. Several people who gathered in the back yard told us that the addition looked like it was part of the original house, like it had always been there. That is what we wanted and that is what you achieved. Thanks again!"
Mike & Polly Chapman
"Thank you...for all your help and humor throughout the process. I truely love the space and I can't imagine how it ccould have been a better process. You don't hear that often when people go through such an extensive project, so it is certainly worthy of note!"
Eva Guzman
"We would like to thank you for the work that you did on our home. Your work has exceeded our expectations and we want to convey that to you and your organization for a job well done. We are very happy with design of the family, kitchen, living room and the porch. You did a very good job listening to our needs and responding in a professional manner that should not go unnoticed."
Mary Mish
"This is a note to tell you the big difference your firm made in our lives with the work you designed for our home. Than you for taking us on"
Bill and Ingrid Wooten
"This is a short note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new house. The additional rooms give us a sense of space that we needed. But your design has really elevated the feeling of the entire house. All of our friends and acquaintences have been impressed and pleased. Needless to say we are also very happy, During the construction phasethe knowledge that you were there to help us, and to work with the builders gave us a real sense of security that the job would be done the way we wanted it done and with a highlevel of quality."