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Grayson Chinn & Suzanne Schettini
"We had a great experience with DW Ricks on a substantial multi-floor addition to our house in Arlington. David and Steven were very attentive to our needs, and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. They explained in detail during the first meetings their approach and process so we could make an informed decision. They were great communicators throughout the process, providing expertise and options on construction and interior design of the space. We’ve had several friends remark on how well the old existing part of the house and the addition are blended together to be seamless — inside and out."
Susan Ashcom
"Working with David and Steven on our project was a pleasure. During the scoping and budgeting process, we were able to trust them to help us make optimal tradeoffs in the design and materials selection with confidence that the house would feel luxurious and be on par with the nicest houses in our neighborhood but not at an extravagant cost. It was a huge relief to be presented with a set of choices that had already been pared down from a much larger number of potential options based on their experience working with clients with similar needs. DW Ricks' skill and creativity were critical to the success of our project. Our original house was a hodgepodge of styles. And, we wanted to add some design elements that actually conflicted with those. Not only were David and Steven able to work their magic and come up with some elegant yet pragmatic changes to the existing structure to accommodate our desired features, but they were also able to harmonize the old and the new into a cohesive whole-house design inside and out that we could be proud of."
Dean & Amanda Zang
"We interviewed numerous Design/Build and Architectural firms prior to selecting DW Ricks Architects. David and Steven conceptualized so many out of the box ideas for our home. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the trade is second to none. It's a rare trait today to find someone who cares about your project as if it was their own and delivers on every promise they made from our initial meeting."
Julie and David Golden
"A major renovation is a long, expensive, and stressful process with many variables. DW Ricks Architects takes a start-to-finish approach, so we had a partner for the entire project. They are creative architects and are experienced with all aspects of the construction phase, which is invaluable when something comes up (and something will always come up!). We appreciated their professionalism, attention to detail, and guidance throughout every phase. We are very happy with our newly remade home and highly recommend DW Ricks Architects."
Johnny & Sara Gorman
"Our new home is everything we hoped it would be... Our experience with you both was such a pleasant and enjoyable one. If there weren't rental homes, storage pods, and those little things called invoices - we'd do it all again tomorrow!"
Michele & John Vernon
"When you walk down the street the house fits right in, the porch toes the line, the roof is certainly not the highest but there is definitely something special about it. I enjoy it more every day we live there. Looking at pictures of our old house reminded me that it was/is a very nice house but it was not OUR house. We love living in our beautiful house."
Darius Brown, Phoenix Builders, Inc.
"We have served as the general contractor on numerous DW Ricks home remodel projects since 2009, and we could not endorse them more enthusiastically. David and Steven deliver creative designs coupled with a flair for color and material selections that mesh perfectly with their design. They are organized and pay attention to detail, so they do a great job foreseeing potential snags and heading them off before they become greater problems. Their projects tend to run smoothly, and the clients are always delighted with the end result. They are one of our favorite architects to work with."
Andy & Allison Weintraub
"Beautiful renovation that was tailored to our needs and style- open concept with use of materials such as barn wood, marble and leathered granite.. DW Ricks helped us understand and manage every part of the process- initial concept, builder selection, detail design, construction oversight, and close-out. Incredible attention to detail, amazing ideas (that we never thought could be in our house…)"
Joe & Emily Pocrass
"We hired DW Ricks for a whole house renovation/addition. Our primary goals going into the project were to create an open concept kitchen/living area, add a master bedroom and bathroom, and add a front entrance portico. One of the things that were very important to us was that the renovation "fit" into the style of the neighborhood. Long story short, they exceeded our (very high) expectations. More importantly, David and Steven were a pleasure to work with. From the initial phase of providing multiple design options/drawings all the way through the final walk-through, they were with us every step of the way. One of the things that were most valuable for us was the fact that Steven acted as the project manager throughout the process, meeting with the builder and with us regularly and providing all of the follow-up notes and actions to keep the project on track. This was especially helpful given that we had a snafu in the middle of the project (due to contractor error, not DW Ricks) which could have set the project back substantially but with Steven's help, we were able to keep the project on track. Steven also pushed us to make decisions (lighting, fixtures, tile, etc.) in a timely manner (which was, admittedly, difficult for me at times!) which also really helped keep the project on track. While this was an expensive endeavor and DW Ricks may not be the cheapest option, you will be hard-pressed to find better quality. Their focus on quality in every detail is evident through every stage of their work and the outcome is fantastic. We couldn't be happier with how things turned out and we would enthusiastically recommend them! "
Linda Blauhut
"A major renovation is a long and stressful process with a lot of variables. DW Ricks Architects takes a start-to-finish approach, so you have a partner the whole way. They are creative architects and are experienced with all aspects of the construction phase, which is invaluable when something comes up (and something will always come up!). We appreciated their professionalism and guidance, and we are very happy with our home."
Jim Brewer, Pella Representative for K.C. Company
"Best Architectural firm I have dealt with. They provide the most detailed information on their plans. Easy to work with."
Lauren Kass Harnishfeger
"I worked with DW Ricks on a kitchen and family room remodel of our nearly 100 year old bungalow. They did a great job designing a functional space that meets our needs while maintaining the integrity and character of our home. I was grateful to have their guidance during the entire process, from concept to completion. In particular, it was wonderful having their oversight during construction, ensuring that no details were overlooked and that the construction was completed as designed."
Tracy Morris, Tracy Morris Design
"DW Ricks Architects is a talented firm with many great ideas. It was wonderful to see such creative ideas put into action."
Jan Skelton
"We have hired DW Ricks twice. The first project was in 2000 for an addition that involved going up, out (in two directions) as well as excavating a new basement. We were so pleased with the first project that we hired DW Ricks for a 2010 third floor addition to our home. We were very pleased with David Ricks' ability to listen to what was important to us, and come up with creative ideas. After both additions a number of people commented that our house did not look like a house with an addition, it looked like a home that had always been designed to look as it did. David also designed a home that fit in with the character of the neighborhood and -- although much larger than some of the surrounding houses - utilized rooflines and architectural features to minimize the appearance of the size difference. David's estimates of construction costs were reasonably accurate, allowing us to budget appropriately."
Karl Keul, Cameo Kitchens, Inc.
"Having worked with DW Ricks many times, I can attest to their professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail. From the birds-eye-view all the way down to the fine details, Steven Crawford and the DW Ricks' staff are closely involved and dedicated to their customer’s satisfaction. I highly recommend DW Ricks to anybody seeking a predictably smooth, well managed construction project! "
Debbie Powers
"We have used DW Ricks Architects several times. The first time was a major renovation that included the addition of a bedroom, bath, sitting room, dining room, kitchen and total window replacement. Mr. Ricks and his staff were excellent, from the first time we chatted with him until the last check was written. He is very good at making an addition blend in with the existing house and understanding what the client wants. The second job was the addition of a den, screened porch and patio. We were very pleased with the quality of each job and the oversight provided to the contractor. I highly recommend DW Ricks because he can translate your wants and desires into a quality product, within the budget you give him. He and his staff are very professional, and caring. They want every job to be the best!"
Helen & Glenn Miller
"My husband and I engaged David back in 2006 for a smaller rear addition and kitchen and family room remodel. He and Chris Dvorak, his associate at the time, did a fantastic job for us then, and so when we were ready to update the rest of our 50-year-old house, we called on David and Steven Crawford again. We greatly appreciate David and Steven's expertise and vast knowledge of architectural styles, and have found them to be responsive to our vision, wishes, and budget (although we got carried away with our initial wish list and had to scale back a bit). Through that process have a design we're excited about, that meets our vision of form as well as function. We're about half-way through the construction phase and appreciate their thoroughness in reviewing work-to-date and making sure things are in line with the plans and design. We have a wonderful builder, too, and it just makes us feel all the more confident to have David and Steven oversees the construction phase."
Ray & Anja Allen
"We hired DW Ricks Architects + Associates to help us with a major renovation of our 30+ year home. DW Ricks managed the process from the initial design, the general contractor selection process, project management of the construction project, quality and milestone reviews all the way to the warranty review. We hired DW Ricks for a reason. We knew we needed professional guidance and expertise to help with the design of the house and making sure we get a quality renovation. We were not disappointed. We loved the overall design and got many, many compliments for our newly updated house. More importantly we had peace of mind that our money was well invested. Our project manager Steve managed the construction process and identified issues early on so they could be corrected immediately. In hindsight we were glad we invested into DW Ricks’ services. The best money we ever spent since it kept our stress level to a minimum during the renovation process and got us the results we wanted."
Jon Praed
"David Ricks designed a substantial addition and renovation to our American Four Square home. He was attentive to our dreams and found creative ways to integrate them into the design. He helped us interview and select a builder and was on the job daily making sure the design was turned into reality within our budget."
Jason Licht & Kathryne Love
"DW Ricks designed a significant master bedroom and bath addition to our home. They did a fantastic job integrating it into our existing house and held our hands throughout the process. I would highly recommend them."
Alan McDonald, McDonald & Associates
"Excellent Architect, very efficient and professional. They are incredibly talented in remodeling and project management to make sure everything goes smoothly for the client."
John Allen, AllenBuilt, Inc.
"As a contractor, I find working with DW Ricks Architects + Associates to be challenging and rewarding. Their designs are diverse, but their management of the process and projects are consistent and systematic. They expect a lot from us, but make it easy for us to perform at that level by providing us the timely information and detailing needed to keep the project moving, even through the invariable surprises and changes that large-scale remodeling produces. I look forward to being invited to bid on DW Ricks projects because I know their involvement through construction will result in a better process and a final product that is the best work of all involved."
Kathleen Vitale
"The house is... totally gorgeous in its transformation...It's just amazing - especially the refinished floors. Of course, everyone was quick to tell us their renovation horror stories. We had no such experience. Rich and his crew have been fun to work with and Steven has been just fantastic! Best wishes for a happy holiday season - you all have made ours."
Lara Doyle
"A long-time resident of the neighborhood, who I really don't know but always see out walking his dog, came across the street to tell me how much he liked our addition. During the conversation he mentioned that ours was 'architecturally the most interesting addition in Arlington Forest' and thanked us as he felt our addition was a 'gift to the neighborhood'...We are so grateful to both you and Steven for all the thought, creativity and attention to detail that you have contributed to our home and to the design and construction process. We are loving living in the house and truly enjoying all of the new space. We get compliments daily!"
Megan Mabry
"We decided to pull out the plans the former owners of our current home in Arlington left for us...It turns out David was the architect. We had no idea when we bought the house. We just knew we loved it and that it had everything we wanted to do to our house in Alexandria if we had done the renovation [with David]. What a small world. No wonder we liked the house so was David's work...We love the house and all the details he put into it. I think the addition is about 8 or so years old...and still looks great. David is so talented."
John Sullivan
"We are more than pleased with the results of the design. Looking back at our originally stated goals, it is remarkable how well those were met in the project. We, too, have been receiving many compliments from our neighbors. From our perspective, the house is far more functional and pleasant place to live. That it accomplishes that within basically the same old foot print, with consistent character and cohesiveness both inside and out is a real achievement."
Kent & Peggy Hamaker
"Thank you again for the fine work you did on our house. We had a large gathering of folks at the house a couple of weeks ago and we received praises all around. Several people who gathered in the back yard told us that the addition looked like it was part of the original house, like it had always been there. That is what we wanted and that is what you achieved. Thanks again!"
Mike & Polly Chapman
"Thank you...for all your help and humor throughout the process. I truly love the space and I can't imagine how it could have been a better process. You don't hear that often when people go through such an extensive project, so it is certainly worthy of note!"
Eva Guzman
"We would like to thank you for the work that you did on our home. Your work has exceeded our expectations and we want to convey that to you and your organization for a job well done. We are very happy with design of the family, kitchen, living room and the porch. You did a very good job listening to our needs and responding in a professional manner that should not go unnoticed."
Mary Mish
"This is a note to tell you the big difference your firm made in our lives with the work you designed for our home. Thank you for taking us on"
Bill & Ingrid Wooten
"This is a short note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new house. The additional rooms give us a sense of space that we needed. But your design has really elevated the feeling of the entire house. All of our friends and acquaintances have been impressed and pleased. Needless to say we are also very happy. During the construction phase the knowledge that you were there to help us, and to work with the builders gave us a real sense of security that the job would be done the way we wanted it done and with a high level of quality."
Phoenix Builders, Inc.