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Ashcom - Ricks Residence

A little bit of Charlottesville comes to Arlington...

Our client was inspired by the Jeffersonian Architecture commonly found in Charlottesville and Charleston. Jefferson derived his "American Neo-Classicism" from the best examples of French and Italian 18th century architecture.

The new 2-story front porch conjures an archetypal image of that early agrarian Virginia architecture. It is the predominant form giver of the remade house. Historically, porches helped promote ventilation and protected against sun and rain. In this case there is the added benefit of a front row seat overlooking the famed Washington Golf Course. The porch fronts on the 1st hole with views beyond to the Club House and Marymount University. The original circular drive was eliminated to expand the south facing front lawn as a terrace for family and social gatherings.

A new front dormer provides a light-filled and spacious entry hall. Its exterior form modulates the scale transition between the two and one story wings. Primary living spaces are axially aligned for views through the porch French Doors. Though classically inspired, the clean white interiors, contrasting with black windows & doors, belie a more contemporary time.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
Second Floor - Before
Second Floor - After
Basement - Before
Basement - After
South - Before
South - After
West - Before
West - After
North - Before
North - After
East - Before
East - After
Site - Before
Site - After

    1   Covered Entry
    2   Entry Hall
    3   Living
    4   Dining
    5   Kitchen
    6   Office
    7   Guest Suite
    8   Deck
    9   Covered Porch
   10  Family
   11  Powder
   12  Mud / Pantry
   13  Covered Entry


    1   Bedroom
    2   Upper Family
    3   Master Suite
    4   Walk-in Closet
    5   Master Bath
    6   Open to Below
    7   Covered Porch
    8   Roof TerraceI


    1   Media
    2   Laundry
    3   Utility Storage
    4   Mechanical
    5   Electrical
    6   Garage
    7   Covered Patio
    8   Driveway
    9   Game / Exercise
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