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Brunner Residence

This original 1-story brick rambler received a second floor addition in the mid-1980's. The extra level served their family well, however, the owners were never fully satisfied with the ponderous appearance of the pop-top addition.

20 plus years later, and now empty nesters, the owners decided to address their home's curb appeal and also take the opportunity to expand the lower living and kitchen spaces.

An unused screened porch was enclosed and expanded front and rear. The original open-plan living/dining room was enlarged to accommodate family gatherings. A freestanding pier & beam detail serves to subtly define and separate entry, living and dining. The kitchen is enlarged and opened up to the living spaces. On the exterior, a new covered porch and dining room bay help to break down the street facade's scale. New siding, trim and architectural details provide a finished level of attention to transform overall curb appearance.

Ground Floor - After
Ground Floor - Before
East Elevation - After
East Elevation - Before

    1   Covered Entry
    2   Foyer
    3   Living
    4   Dining
    5   Kitchen
    6   Breakfast Nook
    7   Laundry / Mud
    8   Carport
    9   Garage Below
   10  Screen Porch
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