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Cole Residence

This 1905 Arts & Crafts Bungalow was built on what was a modest two-lane road. Over time the road expanded to become an active local thoroughfare. As a result, the Owners desired a design that would reorient family living spaces, existing and new, toward the quiet solitude of the rear woodland.

The new rear 2-story addition creates valuable new space without sacrifice of scale or the original Craftsman aesthetic. The extensive addition is cloaked between one-story wings and a roof dormer, to maintain classic horizontal Bungalow proportions. The center rear stacked window bay, and open stair, allow views and afternoon light to penetrate deep into the central living spaces.

Interior details reference a contemporary variation of the Craftsman style. Timeless materials, like Cherry wood and typical Craftsman stair railing details, purposefully avoid mimicry. Instead interior details make illusion to the bold Arts & Crafts tradition with a fresh and current interpretation.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
Second Floor - Before
Second Floor - After
Rear Elevation - Before
Rear Elevation - After
Side Elevation - Before
Side Elevation - After

    1   Bedroom
    2   Bath
    3   Living
    4   Kitchen
    5   Dining
    6   Breakfast
    7   Gallery
    8   Master Suite
    8   Deck

    1   Bedroom
    2   Bath
    3   Office-Guest Bed
    4   Family
    5   Mezzanine-Library
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