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Deininger Residence

Traditionally Bungalows were modest 1 1/2 - Story Craftsman style houses. Many were considered "starter homes" made from kits produced and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Company, like this one. The overall ground floor footprint of a traditional Bungalow was modest and the upper floor was even smaller. Given low headroom, second floor space was generally only possible centered under the main roof ridge and dormers.

The Owner's primary goal here was to expand the second floor area to allow for additional bedrooms. Given the existing headroom constraints there was no choice but to remove the existing roof and build an entirely new second level. In addition to the new second floor, the existing ground floor was completely gutted and remodeled. Relocated bedrooms were recaptured, selective walls removed, and the stair was relocated to create a much more homogeneous ground floor layout. The new roofline is deliberately held down at the 4 corners of the house to hearken back to a low-profile Craftsman silhouette.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
Second Floor - Before
Second Floor - After
Basement Floor - Before
Basement Floor - After
East Elevation - Before
East Elevation - After
South Elevation - Before
South Elevation - After
West Elevation - Before
West Elevation - After
North Elevation - Before
North Elevation - After

    1   Covered Porch
    2   Foyer
    3   Living
    4   Dining
    5   Family
    6   Kitchen
    7   Screen Porch
    8   Hall Bath
    9   TV
   10   Deck
   11   Patio
   12   Sun Shade
   13   Office
   14   Guest Bed

    1   Skylit Hall
    2   Bedroom
    3   Hall Bath
    4   Study
    5   Mastert
    6   Walk-in Closet
    7   Master Bath
    8   Guest Suite

    1   Media / Game
    2   Laundry / Utility
    3   Guest Bed
    4   Office
    5   Bath
    6   Storage
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