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Francis - Fliakas Residence

This rambler suffered from a poorly planned early addition. The previous owners added the rear ground floor family room and 2nd floor master suite. The addition is seen peaking up above the existing roof. The current owners were never comfortable with the disparate relationship between the addition and original house. They also became weary of having the 2nd floor master suite isolated from their young children's ground floor bedrooms.

The new expanded second floor accommodates needed space and improves overall architectural harmony. All children's bedrooms were relocated to the new second floor. Former ground floor bedrooms were recaptured to provide a Guest Suite-Den and expanded Living space.

The Dutch gambrel roof design helps mask the addition's size. New and existing are seamlessly intertwined into a single architectural vocabulary without a trace of the former addition.

Front - Before
Front - After
Rear - Before
Rear - After

    1   Covered Entry
    2   Living Room
    3   Bedroom
    4   Bathroom
    5   Powder
    6   Dining
    7   Butler / Bar
    8   Walk-in Pantry
    9   Kitchen
   10  Family Room
   11  Covered Entry
   12  Courtyard Patio


    1   Stair Hall
    2   Hall Bathroom
    3   Bedroom
    4   Hall Laundry
    5   Suite Bathroom
    6   Master Bathroom
    7   Master Closet
    8   Master Bedroom
    9   Covered Porch
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