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Harvey Residence

This turn of the century Bungalow was typical of the modest vernacular homes built in the trolley car neighborhood of Maywood, now a Historic District in Arlington.

In the early 1970's the house received some unfortunate alterations. The original gable was disfigured by an unsympathetic second story bedroom and lower screen porch addition as seen in the Before photo below.

The new design serves to accomplish two primary objectives. First and foremost, to restore the original street facing Bungalow gable, albeit as a slightly larger version. Secondly, the design intentionally gathers most of the addition's new space into a separate two-story wing. The addition is stepped back to allow the historic street facade to remain pronounced and more closely reflect its original Bungalow profile.

Southeast View - Before
Southeast View - After
Ground Floor Plan - Before
Ground Floor Plan - After
Second Floor Plan - Before
Second Floor Plan - After
West Elevation - Before
West Elevation - After
East Elevation - Before
East Elevation - After
South Elevation - Before
South Elevation - After
North Elevation - Before
North Elevation - After

    1   Covered Entry
    2   Mud Room
    3   Built-in Desk
    4   Family
    5   Kitchen
    6   Pantry / Closet
    7   Dining Room
    8   Living Room
    9   Den / Guest
   10  Garage
   11  Screen Porch
   12  Breakfast Room

    1   Stair Hall
    2   Bedroom
    3   Master
    4   Walk - In
    5   Attic Storage
    6   Office Vestibule
    7   Garage Office
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