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McBride Residence

The principle design concept behind this 1-story addition was to create a seasonal exterior room that would allow the kitchen to seamlessly expand for large dinner parties and everyday living. The home owners were also very concerned any new additions relate to the Arts & Craft Sears Bungalow in a sympathetic and complimentary manner

Both home owners are avid cooks who enjoy entertaining while meals are being prepared. In most new additions the kitchen typically shares space with an interior family room. But, in this case, both home owners were adamant. As far as they are concerned, no interior room can offer quite the same satisfaction of a screened porch from which to enjoy their lush rear yard.

The rear kitchen wall is a bank of four French Doors. For everyday use a single end door provides access. But, when weather permits, the two inner doors can be opened. They were up-sized in width so, when in a fully open position, they fold back snuggly on the outer doors fitting within the trimmed opening.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
East Elevation - After
East Elevation - After
North Elevation - After
North Elevation - After
South Elevation - After
South Elevation - After

    1   Living
    2   Dining
    3   Full Bath
    4   Kitchen
    5   Guest
    6   Library
    7   Mud / Laundry
    8   Covered Porch
    9   Screen Porch
  10   Deck
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