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Patio Living

This porch addition is the ultimate outdoor flexible space.

Initially, the homeowner discussed the notion of adding two separate porches. One screened for dining, and another covered, but open, with a fire pit. However, the existing disposition of the house, and limited buildable lot area, negated the option of separate porches. Not deterred, the design goal shifted to the idea of a single two-in-one porch. Screened when desired, but, otherwise a generous single open flexible covered space.

Recessed, motorized roll-down screens create the on-demand screen porch. Completely hidden when retractracted the phantom screens operate by remote. Suspended radiant heaters make the porch comfortable well into Fall and early Spring. The roll down screens have the added benefit of retaining the radiant heat within the dining area.

Who says, " You can't have your cake and eat it too ! "

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
South Elevation - Before
South Elevation - After
East Elevation - Before
East Elevation - After

    1   Office
    2   Kitchen
    3   Living
    4   Family
    5   Screened Dining
    6   Covered Sitting
    7   Fire Pit
    8   Grilling
    9   Rolldown Screens   
  10   Rear Entry Stoop
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