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Praed Residence

In addition to winning an Arlington Historic Award this popular remodel addition was published in three separate issues of BETTER HOME AND GARDENS. The 1910 historic Foursquare Craftsman-era farmhouse is located in the Historic District of Maywood. Historic design guidelines require all additions be located behind original structures. Given the lot's corner orientation, the side facing addition is stepped back several feet to allow the original historic facade profile to remain intact and prominent. The use of hip roofs visually diminishes the addition size and blends new and original roof planes together. All exterior siding and trim were replicated to match original. Built-ins are featured throughout the addition. A banquette, centered on the screened porch, and the window seat directly above in the master suite, make spaces multi-useful, and add historic charm & character.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
Second Floor - Before
Second Floor - After
Attic Floor - Before
Attic Floor - After
South Elevation - Before
South Elevation - After

   1    Enclosed Porch
   2    Kitchen
   3    Family Room
   4    Dining Room
   5    Living Room
   6    Powder Room
   7    Vestibule
   8    Hall
   9    Porch
   10  Mudroom
   11  Patio
   12  Deck
   13  Pond
   14  Garage

   1    Master Bedroom
   2    Master Bath
   3    Walk-In Closet
   4    Bath
   5    Bedroom
   6    Dressing
   7    Shared Bath
   8    Bedroom
   9    Laundry
   10  Hall
   11  Office

   1    Playroom
   2    Bathroom
   3    Bedroom
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