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3300 N. Fairfax Dr.  Ste. 200
Arlington,   Virginia    22201

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Who We Are

DW Ricks Architects + Associates (DWRA) is an Arlington, VA based full-service Architecture firm. We specialize in well designed, highly crafted, single-family residential and community buildings. DWRA is known for being an approachable and easy firm with which to work. We value our clients as collaborative partners. They are instrumental in helping to shape our work and we strive to make each and every client enjoy the design and construction process as much as we do!

Founded in 1988, DWRA's commitment to residential work has made us a leading home design firm in the DC Metro region. We are recognized by numerous design awards, publications in leading shelter magazines and featured in newspaper articles and television. DWRA has designed and built over 200 residences to date. Representative projects include new custom homes, whole-house remodels, additions, condominium interior remodels, and preservation of historically designated homes. In addition to our residential work, DWRA has designed major additions to historic church & religious buildings, swim clubs, community centers, and commercial office buildings. Projects are found throughout the metro region including Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and Delaware.

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Clarendon, 3 blocks from both the Clarendon and Virginia Square Metro Stations.

How We Work

DWRA's services extend beyond design and include total project management - from conceptual design to technical documents to construction - exclusively on behalf of the homeowner. We manage all project needs as summarized in the following stages:

Strategic Relationships

DWRA is an independent Architect working directly for the homeowner. We can work with any bona fide remodeler or residential contractor a client chooses. However, DWRA has cultivated long-standing relationships with local general contractors who look to bid on our client's projects. It's important to remember that a contractor will likely only do one project for the homeowner, but, he may do 10-30 repeat projects for the Architect. This architect-contractor synergy greatly benefits the homeowner. Since these contractors look to DWRA for work, they are highly motivated to charge competitive rates, fulfill the obligations of the construction documents, meet schedule deadlines, and please us by pleasing our clients. Further, these contractors have completed multiple projects with our office, maintained a continuous practice for 10 or more years, and come pre-qualified with outstanding independent references for client consideration.

At any given time, we work with 5-6 different highly qualified contractors. Since DWRA performs all project and client management, we recommend contractors who offer construction services only. This is a very important distinction to understand. Design/Build and similar contractor business models include staff and overhead for design, client & project management, and other pre-construction services, in addition to construction services. The contractors we recommend offer construction services only! Utilizing this work model insures substantively lower construction costs with no redundancy between architect and contractor services.