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These are the foundation of our Architecture practice:

Our approach to design is not built on pre-determined aesthetic or a rigid "Signature style." Our designs are not imposed, they grow naturally from a quest to understand client goals, program, existing structures, project site, historic precedence, and overall context. We feel the best design evolves from a rigorous study of these elements which in turn will transform problem-solving into meaningful architecture.

At its most basic, architecture is a response to fundamental human needs - a way of organizing space while meeting practical demands. At its most exalted, architecture can introduce new perspectives and reinvigorate the way we live. We strive to synthesize these two goals, to create buildings that perform as well as excite, buildings that uplift the spirit and are memorable, buildings that improve the quality of life for those that live in them and strengthen the community in which they reside.

There is always more than one way to skin a cat and always more than one way to solve a design problem. The important question is how to arrive at the "best" solution? Our approach, to this seminal part of the design process, is to be inclusive. As a practice we always generate, and share, multiple design concepts before deciding on a final design path. Exposing a range of solutions provokes "out of the box" thinking and provides the homeowner with comparative options to make informed choices.

Our clients are our collaborative partners. It is the nuanced communication between Architect and home owner that determines the best and most successful design solution. This close relationship is more than a simple and effective way to manage a project, it is a necessary part of the design process. It is through the insight, questions and wisdom of our clients that we gage success because ultimately it is through their interpretation that the design becomes resolved.

Finally, no design is complete until it is successfully built. As a practice, we emphasize the Construction Phase as much as the Design Phase. All of our efforts culminate in construction. With this recognition, our technical documents and organizational skills strive to form clear, concise and binding contracts to aid in communication, building authority approvals, cost analysis, bidding and construction. We are strong advocates of the team cooperation between Architect - Owner - Contractor. We believe the strength of those relationships will build the best and most successful project.