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Renda Residence

Respecting the Colonial

Center-Hall Colonials, by nature, don't lend themselves well to large multi-story additions. A Colonial's appeal is generally in its straight forward simplicity and symmetry. Side wings and appendages fit well, and even enhance the composition, when they are clearly subordinate in size and height.

In this particular project the existing side wing, from which the new 2nd floor addition would be built, had a particularly large footprint. As seen from the front, a deliberate effort was taken to scale-down the new addition. The front addition roofline was lowered to re-establish the main house and roof as the dominate mass. In addition, elements like the front garden room porch, cantilevering the gable end, and truncating the roof gable with a Jerkin hip, all act in concert to scale the addition down and allow the original main house to remain the dominate form.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
Second Floor - Before
Second Floor - After
Basement Floor - Before
Basement Floor - After
Attic Floor - Before
Attic Floor - After
East Elevation - Before
East Elevation - After
North Elevation - Before
North Elevation - After
West Elevation - Before
West Elevation - After
South Elevation - Before
South Elevation - After

    1   Entry Stoop
    2   Covered Porch
    3   Living
    4   Kitchen
    5   Dining
    6   Family
    7   Mud / Butler Pantry
    8   Breakfast
    9   Porch
  10   Deck
  11   Covered Entry
  12   Garden Room

    1   Flat Roof
    2   Bedroom
    3   Stair Hall
    4   Master
    5   Walk-n Closet
    6   Master Bath

    1   Media
    2   Laundry
    3   Utility
    4   Boat Shop
    5   Garage
    6   Patio
    7   Mud / Laundry
    8   Au Pair Suite
    9   Boat / Yard Storage
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