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Ricks Residence - Phase I

Center-hall Colonials are much maligned for their cookie cutter simplicity. Many post war examples are unadorned brick boxes without detail or style. Vexing is the plain and common exterior. It begs the question, can a simple Colonial remain true to its heritage and still have style, grace and Identity - and the answer is absolutely!

The first project, in this mult-phase renovation, was to create Colonial "curb appeal". The single distinguishing quality all center-halls share is their utter efficiency - a center stair flanked by a room on either side. This basic observation is the imputes for the design solution. That is, celebrate the straight forward layout and reflect it in the building's elevation. A Neoclassical two-story portico demarcates the center entry stair-hall and divides the fašade, reflecting the room arrangement within. Raised panels were added below the ground floor window to create the illusion of tall elegant windows & ceilings appropriate to ground floor living spaces. The small side den was expanded and opened to the living room. Large scale cornice trim, a decorative door surround, new windows & window shutters provide necessary contrast and detail to compliment the otherwise simple brick box. Dormers extend the fašade into the roof plane. Dormer side-walls are clad in slate to blend them into the roofscape.

Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
South Elevation - Before
South Elevation - After

   1    Portico
   2    Living Room
   3    Dining Room
   4    Kitchen
   5    Bathroom
   6    Den
   7    Porch
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