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In the hills of Potomac Overlook Park in Arlington, an existing 70's split-level contemporary is re-imagined with a series of rear additions to connect existing living spaces with the outdoors. Metal cable rail systems, and enlarged window openings, assures full panoramic views of the tree canopy. The addition's stepped geometry responds to the existing house plan and bestows a sense of life in the Park.

The property is in a sensitive resource protection area. Approval to build the addition was contingent upon a foundation system that would minimize impact to the site. In response, a light footprint solution was conceived with a steel super-structure, and compact sono-tube foundation system. The steel and isolated footing combination allowed for the fewest points of ground contact. The steel moment-frame cradles the conventional wood frame members. The structural solution is deliberately expressed as an intervention, contrasting with the addition, both in material and color.

Site Plan
Ground Floor - Before
Ground Floor - After
Basement Floor - Before
Basement Floor - After
West Elevation - Before
West Elevation - After

    1   Entry
    2   Foyer
    3   Hall
    4   Living
    5   Powder
    6   Dining
    7   Eat-in Kitchen
    8   Laundry
    9   Family
   10  Deck
   11  Garage
   12  Screen Porch
   13  Roof Deck
   14  Covered Entrance

    1   Unexcavated
    2   Unfinished
    3   Recreation
    4   Hall
    5   Guest Bedroom
    6   Accessible Bath
    7   Wood Shop
    8   Utility
    9   Lower Deck
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